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Southwest Florida's Premier Pedal Cycle & E-Bike Guided Tour for Over 25 Years!

Owners Todd & Kathleen Lewis

Todd grew up in the small town of Eau Claire, WI and moved to sunny Florida over 20 years ago to avoid shoveling snow, while Kathleen was raised in Cape Coral, just an hour north of Naples.

They purchased the thriving business from Gary & Marcy Wagner in early 2022. Gary & Marcy had been planning to retire for years, but were just waiting for the right people to "come along" that would take over their business and run it with the love and enthusiasm that they had poured into it for the past 24 years prior.

We recall Marcy telling us, "She knew we were the right family to take over when she saw that we were not afraid of the alligators on the Everglades tour." 

We continue to strive had to elevate the business not only as a 5-star reputiable tour company but a low enviromental impact sustaining business.