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We use Cannondale, Jamis and Caloi Comfort bikes. They are 21 speed, suspension,  soft saddle, 26" wheel, 

upright touring bikes. We have 5 sizes and will fit the bike to you. The seats posts and front forks are suspension

which makes for a very comfortable ride.  We also have small bikes with a lowered top bar for the smaller riders.

We also provide  helmets.

We ask for your height so we don't have to bring all the bikes!!! LOL

What type of bikes do you provide?   

Frequently Asked Questions


 Additional Policy:    We also adhere to the "leave no trace" policy and ask that you do also.

                                         We recycle almost everything and there is a bin for used water bottles and trash.

Tours will not be cancelled due to light rain.  Rain ponchos are available for each rider. Tours may be cancelled prior to the tour at the tour directors discretion due to forecast heavy rain/lightning. Naples Bicycle Tours intends to provide a safe, fun and high quality tour. We expect our guests to follow our directions and applicable Florida Law. To protect the guests and the integrity of our tour we reserve the right to refuse or dismiss any person that may cause unsafe activity or interfere with the operation of the tour

Thank You from all the staff at Naples Bicycle Tours



We are unable to accommodate small children.

All riders must be able to ride in control of their bikes.

All Our tour have a minimum age of 12.

All persons under 15 must wear a helmet on the Everglades Tour.

Marco and Naples Cycling tours all riders must wear a helmet.

Everglades is optional.

All riders are expected to have adequate cycling ability to control their bicycles

Our city tours have none. Our Everglades tours have mostly none.  During the winter we have no mosquitoes and during the summer we ride in an area that is  near fresh water. The fresh water mosquito has natural predators that keep the population down.  We do not spray until necessary.

Where do we meet for the tour?

Wear seasonal appropriate, comfortable clothes, closed-toed shoes or hiking sandals. Optional items - sunscreen, camera, a hat with a visor. There is a handlebar bag for your camera, wallet, sun screen, etc.  Purses or large bags need to be left in the van.  All gear needs to be stowed in the handlebar bag. Backpacks  and hip packs are allowed. We provide water, snacks during the ride and refreshments and cool washcloths at the end of the ride. Riders needing any special dietary requirements will need to bring those with them. Personal helmets and clip pedals can be accommodated and cycling attire is always appropriate. The only don'ts we have found are - don't wear short shorts like running shorts. They ride up the leg and the saddle will chafe. 

How long and strenuous is the tour?

All tours are advance reservations.  The Old Naples Bicycle Tour will meet in downtown Naples. All the directions and GPS will

be given when you make your reservation.  We'll also give you our cell phone number just in case. Our Everglades Bicycle Tours

have several meeting locations depending on the season. We arrange to meet you at a safe, convenient location where you can leave your car.

Bathrooms are available. Directions to our meeting location will be given when you make your reservation

Can I bring my own bicycle?  

What if I find the tour to long or strenuous?


We have toured with people from age 10 to 90 and everyone has a great time. We will not make you ride over your ability. Our guides are experienced cyclists, love the outdoors and are selected and trained to provide outstanding personal service. We are flexible and accommodating and are here to assure that you have a great experience.

How bad are the mosquitoes?

The average Guided city tour is approximately 2 hours long and the distance traveled on the bikes are from 9- 12 miles depending on the speed of the group.      

The Everglades Guided Cycling Tour is approximately 2 1/2 - 3 hours in length.  These are scenic tours designed for all riding levels. Cycling lets us get out of the car / bus / train / jet / house and slow down to get into the beautiful details of nature. There is always something for each rider to enjoy as you pedal along. You do need to be able to ride a bicycle in control as we will be either on city streets or park roads and trails.

What should I wear and bring?


Bicycle Tours

Will we see alligators?

Our bikes are fully supported by the guides. We pack all the tools and tubes to service them or change a flat tire.

You may bring your bike to the Old Naples or Marco Bicycle Tours. It must be in good shape. Each bike must have a tube for us to use to repair a flat. You will  use our provided bicycles on the Everglades Cycling Tour  because they are transported into the Park. Your bikes may not fit in the trailer and will get bumped and scratched.

Try out our bikes. We get rave reviews because we provide high quality bikes and they are fun to ride.

There are some exceptions. If you have a non-conventional bicycle built for you we will help you cycle in this area.  

Depending on the availability of water and the air temperature, we see alligators almost all the time.  These are wild alligators. We respect these creatures and will observe them from a safe vantage point.  Do not expect to feed the alligators. Feeding alligators is illegal.

What happens if I have a mechanical problem?

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I have small children.
Can I bring them?